• Wait for AlgoDEX going public, as backend and charting software is ready to fetch and show its data.

Next week/next month

  • Show charts time in local visitor’s timezone (now it is UTC)

  • Address ugly too-much-decimals issue

  • Wordpress plugin so ASA managers can show price, fiat value and market cap in their homepages. Adding functionality to existing free API to achieve this target.

  • Showing even more data with charts, including EUR value, asset URL and everything that has a place.(mostly)

  • Showing max/min historic prices.

  • Bug hunting:

    • Show correct prices in expensive assets with no decimals
  • Run a logo contest with prizes.

End of 2021/2022

  • Rewrite messy code parts.

  • Showing transaction volume.

  • Creating a fancy user interface without losing data-centered focus.

  • Offer B2B API and database services.

  • Develop secure, reliable trading bots and other software