About AlgoCharts

AlgoCharts (previously FreeTinycharts) started as a hobby project only days after fabulous Tinyman AMM went live. The code is opensourced under MIT License, free to download from github.

A simple but powerful, lightning fast GNU/Linux backend combined with high connectivity using IPv6 and HTTP2 quickly put AlgoCharts months ahead of their competitors, as it could track all existing data about Algorand Standard Asset pricing avaliable.

AlgoCharts has collated nearly all Algorand Standard Asset price data since the inception of the ASA market, now AlgoCharts aims to integrate all the ASA price data available in the world in one single point, while providing free charts and information of all existing assets in the Algorand ecosystem to all of its users.

With its flexible, lightweight, frameworkless backend AlgoCharts will integrate all information from current and upcoming Algorand markets while keeping costs at bay and aligning with the environmental goals of the Algorand platform.